lacquered glossy glass

gloss lacquered glass

The simplicity and minimalism of glossy lacquered glass from the Standard collection makes it a universal solution suitable for all types of interiors. A wide range of colours, corresponding to current design trends, allows for any arrangement of furniture as well as living and utility spaces.

Lacquered glass from the Standard collection with intense, juicy colours looks very good both when it is the dominant element of the entire arrangement, as well as when it acts as a strong accent enlivening the interior and adding character to it.

In the Standard collection, our customers will also find varnished glass in various shades of base colours – white, black and grey.

Colorimo from the Standard collection is a high-gloss lacquered glass, thanks to which we obtain depth and the effect of a mirror image of the environment. This effect can be enhanced by properly illuminating the room.

Colorfulimo shiny glass panels give interior planners a wide field to show off. Their simplicity and minimalism mean that the possibilities of using this glass are endless.

The Standard collection is perfect as a filling of furniture fronts, wall cladding (also on very large surfaces) or tabletops. Thanks to a wide range of colours, they can meet the most diverse tastes.

COLORIMO SATI collection:

matt lacquered glass

Matt lacquered glass

The Sati Colorimo collection was created on the basis of frosted lacquered glass. It is a new family of lacquered glasses based on etched satin glass. Thanks to this, it gained the effect of satin/matt, and the light reflections became invisible. Satin, lacquered glass, thanks to its smooth surface, gives the furniture fronts an elegant and sophisticated look, making any interior extremely luxurious.

On the one hand, the well-thought-out colour range of the Sati collection allows any arrangement of furniture and interiors, allowing you to follow current design trends, and on the other – to give the interiors a sophisticated, individual character.

Sati matte lacquered glass is an excellent choice for the bedroom, living room or hallway, but it will also work in the kitchen and bathroom. An interesting result is also given by combining it with lacquered glass with gloss from the Standard collection and with other types of glasses from our collections.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the interior design proposals prepared by us, in which glass from the Sati collection was used. We are convinced that they will move your imagination and prove that when we use Colorimo matte glass to arrange space – we are limited only by our imagination.


textured lacquered glass

Textured lacquered glass

The Ornament collection will be perfect wherever you want to achieve the effect of cosiness and softness, and at the same time elegance.

An innovative material that combines durability and solidity with an elegant design gives the impression of a soft, three-dimensional surface. Ornamental glass in furniture is not only an exclusive decorative element that allows you to diversify the interior but also a practical solution. The three-dimensional pattern makes the glass scratch-resistant and fingerprints invisible.

Textured lacquered glass Glass surfaces are sometimes said to be elegant but they can appear cold and inaccessible. Lacquered glass with texture from the Ornament collection proves that this material can also be successfully used when we want to achieve the effect of softness, cosiness and warmth. Textures and colors of Ornament glass make the rooms look both modern and timeless.

Having these properties, Colorimo Ornament glass retains all the advantages of lacquered glass at the same time. It is quite durable and we can easily get rid of all dirt from it – after cleaning it looks like new.

When arranging the interior, you can use it on its own, as well as combine it with other types of Colorimo glass panels.

COLORIMO HEXI collection:

three-dimensional structure of painted glass

three-dimensional structure of painted glass

Colorimo Hexi is a collection of six lacquered glass designs maintained in one warm and elegant colour tone. The collection consists of four three-dimensional glass structures that shimmer depending on the exposure to light and two smooth surfaces: matte and high-gloss.

Various combinations of glass patterns from the Hexi collection allow you to create a creative composition of the surface of walls or furniture fronts. 'Playing' with their structure, shades, shapes and texture, mixing matt with gloss – we can get very interesting visual effects.

Classics and originality. When preparing the Hexi glass offer for you, we remembered to meet the diverse tastes and needs of recipients and users. It is they who ultimately decide whether the interior in which our tiles will appear will have a calm, classic character, or whether it will be more extravagant. The simplicity and versatility of the Hexi collection lie in its gigantic potential. You can also find out about it by reaching for the Colorimo Forma collection. The tile combinations proposed by our designers, using among others Hexi glass, can be a huge source of inspiration.

The Hexi collection has also been appreciated by experts in the field of interior design and decoration.

COLORIMO MODO collection:

lacquered glass with print

Lacquered glass with print

Colorimo Modo is a unique collection of lacquered glass on the market, distinguished by its original design. The inspiration for its creation were fabrics associated with home warmth, aromatic tea and Polish golden autumn. The collection uses fabric patterns in white and grey tones as well as beiges and browns. By making wall cladding for the bedroom or fronts for wardrobes in the hallway or dressing room, we will get a unique atmosphere in these rooms. Thanks to the fact that the base of glasses from this collection are ornamental glasses, we can also feel them.

The Modo collection is a perfect example of how versatile lacquered glass is. Our collection also proves how original and non-obvious way they can be used in. The use of modern methods of glass processing and varnishing gives spectacular and unexpected results. The well-thought-out decisions of our designers make Colorimo glass patterns characterized by high versatility, thanks to which they can be used in various ways – whether as glass panels for the living room or furniture fronts in the dressing room, bedroom, etc. The names of tiles from the Modo collection (Urban, Casual, Vintage and Glamour) can serve as a hint about what style in the interior can be obtained with their help. However, as in the case of other Colorimo glass collections – these are only inspirations. We believe that our glass gives endless arrangement possibilities.

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