Glass and mirrors

Glass delights with its function as well as its beauty, allowing for its presence in the world of architecture and art. Both in the past and today, glass is used because of its transparency, which allows full use of light.

The noble material, which is glass, has a rich history,
beginning 4000 B.C.

Historical fact
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The variety of glass and its functions, as well as the possibility of its use in interiors today give designers great freedom of choice and opportunity to create a true architectural lighting that meets all the requirements of a modern lifestyle.

Characteristics and application of glass.
Type of glass
Float Glass high-quality, perfectly transparent with uniform thickness and a glossy, polished surface.
Color: white, brown, graphite.
- furniture industry
- window glazing
- glass units
- mirrors
Float glass coated with a reflective layer, which causes a strong reflection of light and solar energy. - window glazing
- glass fronts
Ornament Clear or colored glass with embossed pattern. Little transparency, it is decorative. - furniture industry
- window glazing
- glass units
Reinforced Szkło zabezpieczone metalową siatką, posiada zwiększoną odporność na wybicie. - window glazing
- roof glazing
- glass units
Safe Formed after bonding two or more layers of glass with a special film of PVB. It has increased resistance to breaking. - window glazing
- roof glazing
- protection of buildings
- glass units
Hardened It is made by thermal processing of flat glass, which changes the internal stresses. It is resistant to high loads. - furniture industry
- household appliances
- balustrades, facades
- telephone booths
- showers
Sandblasted Entirely or partially matted glass, with a minimum transparency. Used as a decorative element. - furniture industry
- window glazing
- visual advertising
- glass units
Decorated Glass decorated with ribbon stained glass, decorative strips or screen printing. It is a perfect decorative element. - furniture industry
- window glazing
- visual advertising
Mirrors Float glass coated with silver oxide. - furniture industry
- Interior furnishing


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professional glass processing

we provide glass
processing services

Our offer provides solutions to meet your needs. We provide glass with different textures, from the simplest lines to attractive designs.

Our company carries out machining of glass and mirrors and the finished products are delivered using our own transport. We offer:
- cutting rectangular and irregular shapes,
- grinding,
- polishing,
- chamfering,
- bending,
- hardening,
- drilling,
- sandblasting,
- decorating.