UV digital printing. Glass Protection 4.1.

Glass with UV printing. UV printing on glass is made using a modern digital printer, inkjet inks cured with UV rays. Thanks to the use of high-quality print heads with a small drop of 3.5pl (picoliter), we can make prints with the highest photographic quality. We are able to print any graphics, photos, patterns and full-surface prints in one colour, the so-called apla. The print can be with white under-printing (not transparent) or without under-printing (partially transparent). Our prints on glass are resistant to UV radiation, do not change color under the influence of solar radiation, are odorless and free of harmful fumes.

Digital uv printing

● furniture glass (cabinet doors, furniture fronts, countertop cladding, etc.)
● glass between kitchen cabinets and worktop (so-called glass panels)
● wall cladding
● glass paintings
● mirrors with print
● advertising on glass
● and many other applications

Tips for UV printing

Maximum print size 3200 x 2000 mm (the quality of the print depends on the quality of the graphics)
Recommended image file format TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, PNG, PSD, GIF, XCF
Graphics resolution (photos) 200-300 dpi (photos with lower resolution may be printed in lower quality)
PRINT QUALITY Printing with heads with a droplet size of 3.5pl (picolitre) allows for photographic print quality
Colour range Colours of prints according to the CMYK chart available for inspection at our headquarters
Glass type OptiWhite or Diamant glass is recommended for light-colored prints
Graph selection The graphic can be selected on the www.stock.adobe.com/pl/ page and then give us the number of the selected graphic. On this basis, we visualize the graphics on the client's dimensions. After approval, we start production. We can also print graphics from the client's collection.
Duplicate graphics Graphics placed on a uniform background can be easily duplicated on one glass, which will allow you to get the right size. The second way is to duplicate the graphics by mirroring.
Glass measurements We measure the glass after installing the kitchen cabinets and tabletop, or after laying tiles in the bathroom.
Holes and cut-outs If necessary, we make the necessary holes and cut-outs for sockets, fasteners, etc.
Installation of glass with UV printing Glass with UV printing is mounted with rotors, hangers or glued with Lakma mirror glue.

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