Technical data of COLORIMO glass

technical data:

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Lacobel glass is a colloquial name for lacquered glass, which during production is covered on one side with a uniform layer of paint. Colorimo is a lacquered glass brand that, thanks to advanced processing methods, offers glass panels, tiles, cladding, countertops, etc. with a variety of colours, textures, shapes, matte and glossy.

The products in our offer are an excellent alternative or complement to tiles, MDF, wood, PVC and many other materials used for furniture production and interior design. Lacquered glass is an original, aesthetic solution that gives a wide field to show off when it comes to a variety of applications. It is also a very practical material, due to the ease of keeping it clean. This is of great importance especially in spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom.

It is also worth mentioning that Colorimo glass is available in different variants when it comes to thickness. In addition to standard lacquered glass, we also offer our customers glass made on the basis of tempered glass. In this case, we can use them without fear wherever there is a need to increase safety requirements, e.g. in public utility places. Tempered glass is much more resistant to hits, temperature differences and high temperatures.

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technical data:

Colour range

A wide range of colours of Colorimo glass allows you to choose glass for each room, giving it a sophisticated, individual character. For larger projects, it is possible to choose each colour according to the RAL palette or according to the glass sample provided by the customer.


technical data:

color naming

The color numbering of Colorimo glass refers to the RAL K7 classic color chart. If the colour reflects the colour of one of the RAL colours, it is marked with such a number, e.g. chalk 7035 – RAL 7035. If the colour is not a representation of the colour from the chart, then it receives the number of the closest colour from the RAL chart with the letter M instead of the second digit, e.g. strawberry 3M02, i.e. a colour similar to RAL 3002.


technical data:


We invite you to read the PDF documentation

RAL template .pdf file

Palette of available colors according to RAL specifications


Colorimo glass, .pdf file

Compatibility of Colorimo lenses with silicones, tapes, foils


Colorimo Glass Properties .pdf file

Physicochemical properties of Colorimo glass


Glass texture, .pdf file

Ornamental glass texture pack for architects and designers


Mochnik company standards, .pdf file

Standards: (un) tempered glass, laminated glass, lacquered glass


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