Stained glass

From the beginning of the Middle Ages, the Gothic windows of cathedrals, churches and castles were decorated with colourful stained glass windows. These stained glass windows consisted of small glass elements connected by lead frames. Unfortunately, technology and materials were very expensive and therefore stained glass windows for long centuries were a sign of wealth.

modern stained glass

We offer you a modern form of stained glass. The new technology consists in sticking lead tape and coloured foil on one glass sheet. The shape of the stained glass windows is obtained by sticking lead tape and coloured pieces of foil on both sides, thanks to which the multicolour of the mosaic is obtained.

Examples of patterns

modern and stylish
stained glass

Our company has a rich library of designs, and for demanding customers we offer individual, unique designs.

realistic representation

any shapes and motifs
of beautiful stained glass windows

Thanks to the low cost of new technology and materials, the use of stained glass has become very fashionable and popular. Modern materials are resistant to weather conditions, so they can be successfully used in external glazing. The similarity of the modern stained glass windows we offer to traditional ones allows them to be used also in historic buildings.